Add Actions

1. Log into your Dashboard and click EDIT ACTIONS in the sidebar.

2. Next, choose a category and click SEE THESE ACTIONS.

3. Once you've found an action you'd like to choose, click the SELECT button on that action.

You can always click around to other categories and change your mind at any time.

De-selecting or deleting actions

To de-select actions, go back through EDIT MY ACTIONS and click the SELECTED button of a selected action. This will undo the selection and prompt you to confirm that points and impact will be lost if you remove an action.

Currently, there's no way to "archive" an action without losing the points and impacts for days you already completed the action. We're working on this, however — please let us know if this is something you'd like to see!

How long can I add and edit actions?

You may add and edit actions as long as the event is open.

However, keep in mind that adding a daily action with very little time left in the event may not have the same behavioral effect as adopting it early on, unless you continue your action after the event. Create stronger habits with early adoption!

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