Manage multiple teams

Participants can only be a member of one team at a time, but you can manage multiple teams as a Team Captain.

As a manager of multiple teams, you will be able to create and assign actions to any team that you manage, BUT any points you earn or impacts that you accrue will only contribute to your primary team points and impacts.

  • Your primary team is the one that appears in your sidebar with the number of team members and total team points.
  • Your secondary teams are also in your sidebar, under "manage other teams."

Create and manage more teams

  1. Sign up or log into your Ecochallenge, and go to your Dashboard.
  2. As an existing Team Captain, you will see a CREATE MORE TEAMS button in the sidebar.

  3. Click CREATE MORE TEAMS to create a new team.
  4. Once your new team is created, your Dashboard will show a section titled manage other teams.

  5. Under manage other teams, click on the team you'd like to manage.
  6. You will now be on that team's page, and see the following options to manage your team:
    • View Teammates
    • Compete with this Team
    • Join this Team
    • Manage Team
      • Edit Team Profile
      • Email Teammates
      • Challenge Another Team

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