Custom Actions

While we offer an extensive library of readymade actions, you may want to create your own custom action. For example, if you can't find an existing action that suits your needs, you can create a new action to track on your Dashboard.

Note: Currently, custom actions (also known as Create-Your-Own actions, or CYO actions) will not show in the Impacts totals, and they will not be available for other Ecochallenges to choose from. However, you can assign a custom action to your team if you're a Team Captain.

Create a custom action

  1. Sign up or log into your Ecochallenge.
  2. On your Dashboard, click MANAGE ACTIONS in the sidebar.

  3. Choose the category where you'd like to create a custom action, navigate to the bottom of the page, and click the + button on the CREATE A CUSTOM ACTION card.

  4. In the Custom Action Builder screen that appears, fill in the listed fields. If you're a Team Captain assigning a custom action, you'll also see optional fields for reflection questions and resource links.

  5. Once the custom action is created, the action will appear in your Dashboard. You'll see a star icon to designate the action as a custom action.

  6. To delete the custom action, go back to step 2 and find your custom action card. Click the DELETE button to delete the custom action. You can also deselect the action and keep it in your action library.

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