Earn Points

In addition to earning points for daily and one-time actions, you can also boost your score by adding a profile picture, creating a team, inviting others, and through other event-related activities. For a detailed list of activities and point values, please see the Points page (in your Ecochallenge menu, go to Resources ➜ Points).

A note about checking in: Regardless of which event you’re participating in, you’ll always earn points for checking in, even if it’s to indicate that you aren’t able to complete any actions. Changing behaviors can be difficult, and we believe that any and all participation is productive and deserving.

Daily actions

When marking daily actions complete, note that you'll only receive two points awards on any single day:

  1. Points for the first daily action completed, and
  2. Points for completing one or more additional daily actions.

For example, in the Plastic Free Ecochallenge: If Kelly completes one daily action on Monday, she'll earn 5 points. If she completes one more daily action, she'll receive 5 more points. If she completes five daily actions, she'll still only earn 10 total points for daily actions on that day: 5 for the first completed action, and 5 more for completing any number of additional daily actions.

Please note:

  • If applicable, impact will still be calculated and reported for each daily action.
  • None of these rules apply to one-time actions. You can earn points on a per-action basis for one-time actions.

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