Change Teams

Switch to a different team

If you wish to change teams, navigate to the team's page you wish to join, and click JOIN THIS TEAM. After confirming the change, you’ll be redirected to your new team’s page.

Please note that while you won’t lose the points you’ve accumulated thus far, the points you earned on your previous team will remain with that team. Any new points you earn (after joining the new team) will be added to your new team.

When I change teams, do I have to do anything to leave my old team?

No. When you change teams, you're automatically removed from the previous teams.

Can't join a new team

If you are the only captain of a team, and there are other people on your team, you’ll need to promote a new Team Captain before you can join a different team.

Contact if your team is inactive or has finished their challenge in an ongoing Ecochallenge.

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